Created to provide quality creative content for a new age of marketing. It is a brand new creative company that specialises in powerful and engaging content to excel brands, bands and businesses around the globe. 


I built my career from the ground up just over four years ago. In all honesty, I knew nothing about photography, but I knew I was passionate about it - I purchased a camera and taught myself the basics over time. Largely focusing on documentary, event and music photography, I have since had the pleasure of photographing a number of artists, festivals and documented tours around the UK and Europe. 

After dedicating time to photography in the local scene and beyond, I decided to go to university to study Music Business BA Hons. During this time, although I very much still had a deep passion and love for photography, I longed to learn more about what happens behind the scenes in the music industry. I immersed myself within the music scene doing photography and digital marketing for companies such as Swn Festival, Jealous Lovers Club, Crosey Bars Ltd and Volt Marketing, learning everything that I could. 

I've just finished my degree and look to graduate with a First classs BA Hons in Music Business. It was from this I decided to launch my new business, bethanmiller.co, focusing on creating authentic and captivating content with the honesty and authenticity that is needed within the creative sector. 



This journey is the beginning of something amazing. Upon finishing university I travelled, I ate, drank and as funny as it sounded - absorbed life again. This is from where bethanmiller.co stemmed. Since then, I have worked tirelessly to bring you what you see today. It is a company developed with passion and a desire to help brands achieve all they can with effective and captivating content and digital marketing. 

The journey has just begun and I already have so much to share. Get ready for photos from Slam Dunk Festival, Amsterdam, New York and some other little creative projects I have had on the go waiting for this launch today. 



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Thank you. 

B x